Don’t/Do This – Game


thought Experiments for Creative People

Roos, Donald | overig | 15-03-2018

Whatever kind of creative person you are, this thought experiment game will get you out of your comfort zone. How? It stimulates creativity through limitations. Boundaries push you to think beyond the usual solutions and send you in different directions. That’s exactly how you end up with unexpected and extraordinary ideas.

How to play
Take three ‘DO’ cards that define a unique imaginary project. You need to come up with a solution for this project. But you also receive three ‘DON’T’ cards, which provide a set of rules.

For Example
Do: Create clothing that is also a landmark | For two persons | To become more productive
Don’t: Don’t use straight shapes | Don’t make the size static | Don’t use non-recyclable material

The ‘DO’ and ‘DON’T’ cards make you think differently than you normally would. In the beginning, the rules might feel like a big obstacle. But once you start playing, you will see that limitations also give you possibilities. Rules make you think about loopholes.

Play this game alone, together or in groups — for fun, to break the ice in a meeting or to get inspired when you’re stuck.

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Don’t/Do This – Game