Little Creative Thinker’s Connection Dominoes


Nielsen, Dorte / Granholm, Katrine | overig | 13-08-2018

Making connections is the underlying mechanism that helps us to think creatively.
This new visual twist on the classic domino game helps inquisitive minds, young and old, train their ability to make new connections, seek unusual visual combinations and look at things in a different way.

As with Little Creative Thinker’s Exercise Book, this wonderfully simple children’s game is built on the tried and tested theory that by enhancing your ability to see connections, you can enhance your creativity.

Based on the same basic rules as dominoes – it’s all about matching the bricks you’re dealt with the bricks on the table. The winner is the one who is quickest to place all of their bricks.
The difference is, this version is not played with numbers, it’s purely visual. The bricks can be matched in a number of fun ways but always with a connection. It could be a pattern, a shape or a concept that connects the two dominoes. So, although you might think you’re just having fun with your kids, you’re actually teaching yourselves to be better at thinking creatively by strengthening the underlying mechanism of creativity itself!

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Little Creative Thinker’s Connection Dominoes