Play With Shapes Memory Game


Brunt, Anja | overig | 03-10-2022

With beautiful illustrations, fast-matching gameplay, and the chance to create stunning geometric artwork, the Play with Shapes Memory game has more than just one way to play. On one side of the cards, you’ll find a set of geometric patterns. Put all 60 of these cards together in the right order and location, and you’ll be able to see one cohesive design. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more dynamic play experience, you can flip the cards over and play the matching game – pairing up geometric transformations of faces, figures, and beautiful shapes.

The Play with Shapes Memory Game is a wonderful set for anyone that’s looking to embrace their creative side. With a mix of different playstyles, combined with the exciting geometric designs, you’re able to stimulate your imagination and create whatever you’d like.This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to build their creativity in a fun and dynamic way. The cards await you!

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Play With Shapes Memory Game