The Learning Challenge


How to guide your students through the Learning Pit to achieve deeper understanding

James Nothingham | Paperback | 21-6-2021 | English

Highlights of the book include:
  • A full description, analysis, and justification for using the Learning Pit® – direct from its creator, James Nottingham
  • The Top Ten ‘Pit Tools’ – proven strategies for guiding students into and out of the Learning Pit
  • Guidance as to when to support, when to challenge, and when to engage in cognitive conflict so that all students move from surface to deep learning
  • Ways to choose relevant concepts to take students into the Learning Pit, including multiple examples across all subject areas
  • The ways in which the Learning Pit helps participants develop resilience, determination, learning strategies and metacognitive thinking
  • Questioning techniques to engage and extend participants’ thinking
The Learning Challenge